Minecraft dungeons Blacksmith guide

When Minecraft Dungeons was first released, the blacksmith was the main merchant. There are now several merchants and the blacksmith can play different roles in Minecraft Dungeons. This is thanks to numerous updates and DLC releases. The blacksmith, which players can still unlock as a merchant, is still extremely important. The blacksmith will be obtained naturally as […]

Minecraft banner guide

Banners can be used as a decorative item in Minecraft. Banners can be used to display many different patterns and images in Minecraft. A banner can hold almost any design or image through intricate design. A Minecraft banner can have many different designs. Many of these require only a single item to be placed in the loom.┬áThis […]

Minecraft? But why?!

You all probably played games when you were young, and I’m sure you still do. Some of the most popular games that you will think of when we talk about are the ones you played as a child. GTA San Andreas and Hitman were three of the most popular games, breaking records for selling copies. […]

And Minecraft servers…

Minecraft is almost a household name. Over the past decade, millions of gamers have tried this popular platform of digital pleasure. The Minecraft madness isn’t just for gamers. It is impossible to open an internet browser, access a streaming service or go into a shop without coming across Minecraft merchandise. Mojang, a Swedish game developer, […]

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